As fall cleaning has become the new spring cleaning, one of our past clients brought an interesting question to us: What does my front door color say about me?

Being one of the first things people notice about your home it sends subconscious signals about everything from your extroversion to your creativity, so we’ve done some research and accumulated some interesting finds!

So what’s your front door say about you?

If your door is BLUE: You’re a confident idealist!

            Blue is the color of the limitless horizon, which is why a blue door is subconsciously seen as a portal to possibilities – a threshold symbolic of hope and the promise of what’s to come. Self assured and idealistic, you know that with hard work and determination, all doors are open to you.

If your door is RED: You’re a vibrant go-getter!

               Your fiery red door is like an exclamation mark, calling attention to your outgoing, passionate personality! As sophisticated as you are fun loving, you’re as comfortable throwing an elegant soiree as you are hosting a casual get-together In other words your door is always open to friends and loved ones, literally and figuratively!

If your door is GREEN: You’re a down to earth sage!

               The color of growth, green hints at your intelligence and imagination. When people see your green beacon of a door, they expect someone sage and serene to welcome them inside. A nature-lover, you enjoy cultivating your garden and spending time in the great outdoors. No wonder your home us awash in soothing hues and nature inspired décor.

If your door is YELLOW: You’re a warm people person!

               Like a bright sunrise, your yellow door makes people smile before they even reach your front steps. Friendly and effervescent, you value your community, and owing to your indefatigable civic-mindedness, are likely involved in everything from volunteering projects to fundraisers.

If your door is White: You’re an open minded mystery!

            The unsullied, understated palate of a white door reflects your modern, minimalist tastes and hints at your open -mindedness. After all, the color white is a blank slate, allowing the onlooker to project a number of qualities onto it, from hope to purity to innocence. You are, therefore, a bit of a mystery – but always one wiling to open your door and get to know others.

If your door is Black or Gray: You’re an ambitious class act!

               A classic black or gray front door reflects traditional tastes. Strong, “decisive” colors, black and gray also imply that you’re assertive and independent. Ambitious and focused on your future, you let nothing get in your way, and know that even when one door closes another one opens.